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Rules of Nature in Cambridgeshire

I.  Name, objects and functions
1.  The Society shall be called “Nature in Cambridgeshire”.
2.  The object of the Society is to publish an annual volume of the journal entitled “Nature in Cambridgeshire”. Nature in Cambridgeshire publishes original papers and notes on all aspects of the natural history of Cambridgeshire, including its geology and climate.
3.  The Society shall achieve its object by holding regular board meetings and supplying its members with a copy of its journal.
4.  The website of the Society is

II.  Membership
1.  The Society shall consist of Ordinary and Board Members.
2.  Ordinary Members.  Any persons with an interest in natural history shall be eligible to be Ordinary Members of the Society, and shall become Members upon paying the applicable subscription.
3.  The subscription for Ordinary Membership of the Society shall be determined by the Board of the Society from time to time.
4.  Board Members.  These shall be proposed by the existing members of the board and elected following a board meeting. Board Members will receive an electronic copy of the journal for which they shall not be required to pay any subscription.

III.  Privileges of Members
1.  Members shall be entitled to receive an annual copy of “Nature in Cambridgeshire”.
2.  The board may suspend the privileges of a member if they do not pay the annual subscription.

IV.  The Officers and Board of the Society
1.  The Officers of the Society shall be a Chair, an Editor, a Board Secretary, a Membership Secretary and a Treasurer.
2.  The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by the board consisting of the Officers of the Society together with up to six elected Members.
3.  If a Board Member fails to attend or apologise for their absence for three consecutive board meetings they shall be deemed to have resigned from the board.

V.  The Transaction of business at Board Meetings.
1.  Board meetings of the Society will normally be steered by the Chair or by a deputy who shall be nominated by the Chair.
2.  The board will meet four times a year; meetings will be minuted.
3.  The board will peer review submitted papers and seek new papers for submission to the journal.
4.  Any alterations to these rules shall only be made at a meeting of the board and shall be effected by a two-to-one majority of board members voting. 
5.  All other decisions of the board, except pursuant to paragraph VI, must be made by simple majority.

VI.  Dissolution.
1.  The Society shall be dissolved only by a resolution passed at a meeting of the board convened for the purpose of considering such dissolution and shall be effected by a two-to-one majority.
2 If on the winding up or dissolution of the Society there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall be paid to the Cambridge Natural History Society.


 2 February 2024

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